Friday, June 3, 2011

Our front yard: A Journey

This is what our front yard looked like when we first moved in three years ago:

This was the inside of the courtyard, up against the house where we keep the main part of the garden:
not really much if you ask me. A few funky bushes (including some who did not fare the winter so well and turned into round balls of sticks)

That spring, we took out some of the bushes and put in a raised bed

It helped me love my yard more and gave us useable growing space for veggies BUT especially after two years of Pacific Northwest Cedar patina, it was getting kind of funky looking and not really overall aesthetically super appealing.

We decided this was the year for a bigger makeover.

Step one was to take out the dirt and frames from the original bed:

I sadly didn't take pictures of the process, but at the end of the day, we had this baby in its place:
Way better! Our garden is still a work in progress, but the stone wall does look tons better than the little cedar bed. 

The beds have been disassembled and moved to the side of the house to become an annex garden. It is SUPER in-progress (only one of the beds even have dirt in them) but so far this is where we're at with it:
to be continued...


  1. nice! when you're done you could come over and help me get my gardens into shape. ;-)

  2. We have the same round stick ball bushes, and the gardners had to replace two of them. I love your new veg garden, it's very cute!

  3. You are so creative, and so talented!


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