Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? Making a Garden Journal

This is the first year I've really gotten serious about doing a garden journal. I've been taking pictures of my garden in progress to put together into a photo book at the end of the season. I've also been labeling some of the photos with what kinds of seeds I used so I can keep track of which things are doing well.  The first one I did of my plants in May looks like this:

If you save your layers in photoshop and keep standing in about the same place, you can drop a new pictures in every so often and just make minor adjustments to make sure the arrows are still pointing at the right plants. I love watching the progress of how things are growing.

Here are some progress pics of my front planter (One pic for each month. Also, if you'll remember, it used to look like this!)

If you can't read the labels in the first picture, from left to right what I'm growing in here is green onions, cauliflower, broccoli, purple celery, violas and cilantro.

Here are the pictures of my auxillary garden at the back of the house. These are the dismantled frames I had been using in my front yard until my hubby built me the really cool rock wall as seen above.

Things that are growing back here: corn (2 varieties), radishes, green beans, soy beans, carrots (2 kinds), tomatoes (3 kinds) and a purple cauliflower plant.

I particularly love that I'm growing corn on the side of my house. Aside from a few people that I've seen growing tomatoes behind their houses in pots, people in my neighborhood don't tend to grow food. I live in a pretty straight laced, landscaped, tidied up kind of town house neighborhood so growing such an agrarian crop feels kind of rebellious to me.

My work schedule kept me from really investing time in the back garden until mid-June so most of the stuff growing back there is going to be a late summer / early fall crop.  I'm really excited to see how things do back there since they get way more sun in that location that the things growing in my courtyard do so hopefully that and the amazing compost I put back there will help those plants catch up fast..

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  1. What an awesome garden! I love the month by month pictures too!

  2. How lush!!!! Nice garden! Visiting from the CSI project!

  3. I like the way you made the garden by using the stack-able blocks! its a good looking garden!


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