Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Make Decorative Jar Wraps and Lids for Home Canned Goods

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Do you like to give home canned goods as gifts for the holidays? I recently got some cute holiday printed EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape and not only is it great for dressing up gifts you'll send in the mail, but you can use it to dress up jars, too!



Step 1: Make Jar Covers

Trace the top of a jar with a pencil onto cardstock. I was a little sad the pattern doesn't really like up easilly, so to help the jars still look cute, I put a strip of tape on the top of the circle and a strip of tape on the bottom - leaving an exposed strip of cardstock that I could write the name of the jar contents on. Cut the circles out with your scissors.

To add them to the jars, remove the band, place the cardstock circle over the lid and screw the band back on to secure.

Step 2: Jar bands
I also added a jar band to the taller, skinnier jar. To make the band, I cut a strip of paper, slightly more narrow than tape width. Then I applied the tape to the front of the paper and trimmed the corners as pictured, leaving a tail to adhere to itself and wrap around the jar. Wrap the edges except for the tail around to the other side of the paper.

Simply wrap the band around the jar and add a pre-cut label to write the name of the contents on it.

This tape is so cute! It currently comes in 2 holiday designs (the ornament print pictured as well as a peppermint candy one) and 2 everyday designs (daisies and paisley). This year, rather than simply packaging up your boxes with boring old packaging tape, try EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape from Duck Brand® to bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones!

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  1. Such an extra little oomph rather than just giving a plain jar! P.S. I desperately want some blueberry syrup now! Yum!!

  2. So adorable! I am a (sometimes) canner, and this would be a great way to dress up some jars to gift over the holidays! Love it!


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